Decentralized Authentication

Secure and trustless key management for enterprise, developers, and you.


Simplify user authentication. Secure critical data. Infinite biometric scalability.
Protect with NuID.

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Streamline development. Integrate services. Remove complex dependencies.
NuID is fully interoperable.

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Take control of your personal data.
Secure. Trustless. Everywhere.
You are your private key.

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What Is NuID?

NuID is building a decentralized authentication and digital identity management solution. We’re making centralized password storage and wide-scale breaches a thing of the past.


NuID streamlines authentication workflows so that companies aren’t responsible for sensitive user information, and users don’t need to worry about the security of their critical data.

Distributed Ledger Technology

NuID harnesses recent developments in DLT and cryptography to build a scalable key management network capable of authenticating individuals, no matter what device they’re using.


NuID is built to scale to the advancement and proliferation of biometric sensor data. Fingerprint, retinal scan, BioWatch, you name it. As sensors get better, NuID grows more secure.

Digital Valuables

Secure your digital assets and sensitive data with the benefits of storing your own private keys but with the convenience of cloud-hosted access. Managing digital valuables should be easy, portable, and safe.


The people of NuID, Inc.


Locke Brown

Co-founder, CEO

Locke wears many hats. After completing his thesis on bitcoin trading models, he knew he would eventually work toward a peer-to-peer world.


Nolan Smith

Co-founder, CTO

Nolan’s primary interests are information evolution and transfer. He believes the future consists primarily of individuals sharing
little data. Directly.


Ethan Landau

Strategy & Ops

Ethan prides himself on defining intent, and acting on that intent with precision. He ensures things continue not only working, but accelerating.



We’re Hiring

We’re looking to fill high level roles in cybersecurity/applied cryptography. Experienced distributed systems and distributed ledger engineers are always warmly welcomed. At the end of the day, we’ll always consider a stellar match. Reach out!

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