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NuID is a trustless authentication API and decentralized identity solution for websites and applications.

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The Modern Login Box

Take advantage of advanced cryptography and modern password security with our simple Authentication API. NuID offers an easy solution to login so you can focus on what makes your users happy.

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Login should do more, but you shouldn't have to make it.

We get it: authentication is one of the first boxes to check when building a website or application. It’s built to get the job done, and then it slowly becomes legacy code that no one wants to touch.

Today’s rapidly evolving security landscape, diverse and context-specific UX needs, and user privacy concerns all require more from traditional authentication. NuID addresses these challenges with a platform that grows and adapts to the new demands of digital identity.

By building with NuID, you ensure your applications and services remain embedded in modern cryptographic best practices.

Because that's what login should do.

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Storing passwords is a problem

The current hash-and-store model of authentication has led to an ever-increasing number of breaches and account compromises. Building secure authentication can be complex and time consuming.

81% of hacking incidents are caused by weak or stolen credentials.

Eliminate password breaches

We help developers and businesses stop storing passwords to eliminate the risk of credential breaches, all while making it trivial to set up authentication.

NuID’s trustless authentication API leverages zero knowledge cryptography and distributed ledger technology to remove the need for your applications to store and protect sensitive authentication data.

Passwords never leave the user’s device, which means they can’t be intercepted or breached in a server-side compromise.

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A better model of authentication

At NuID's core is an established cryptographic method to verify that a user can produce a secret value, such as a password or private key, without revealing that secret to anyone. Ever.

Instead of sharing this secret with an authenticating server, a cryptographic zero knowledge proof of the secret is generated on the client device. The proof is used to verify that the user input the correct authentication secret, without any private authentication data leaving their device.

Combining this capability with emerging distributed ledger technologies removes the need for users to trust anyone with their passwords and other authentication secrets, giving them ownership over their authentication credentials and, eventually, their digital representation across the web.

NuID White Paper
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Built for decentralized identity

We believe the next wave of technological transformation will bring persistent, privacy-forward digital identity to the web, which will simplify and de-risk the flow of information over our public and private networks.

NuID's open authentication protocol and API were designed to transition seamlessly between web2, web3, and all the webs before and after that. And authentication is only the beginning.

NuID is building a foundation for a decentralized identity ecosystem that goes beyond just login. Check out the NuID White Paper to learn about the future of digital identity, or get in touch to discuss with our team.

Help us help the web

Users—people—want more privacy, transparency, and agency in how their online data is managed. In other words, we need to retrofit the internet with a sound identity layer.

To learn more about our vision for trustless authentication and decentralized identity, check out the NuID White Paper, or get started now with our developer portal.

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